Studio Due Slimbar Plus RDM


New! Studio Due Slimbar Plus RDM

Studio Due is a well known name in the lighting industry, and with over 30 years of experience on her name the company is still being active with their research and development. The company keeps moving forward and has recently announced a new series of products. One of these products is the new Studio Due Slimbar Plus RDM.
This small but powerfull LEDbar has been equiped with a grey, aluminium housing and features in- and outgoing connectors for a small and quick connection process. Besides these qualities, this ledbar also features highly efficient RGBW-leds. (This product is available in two sizes: 50cm or 100cm length, and besides that also features either an internal or external power supply).

- Highly efficient RGBW LEDs Daisy chain (power supply & DMX) [Optional]
- Holographic filter 10°x60°
- Two versions: SLIMBAR PLUS POB (on board power supply) &
- Standard color is grey