LANDA Lighting | Firefly


Park and gardens

Outdoor spaces once again keep secrets, because the essence of light allows itself to be guided by the formidable simplicity of nature. Firefly becomes the magic of an everlasting night together with the most contemporary design. A luminaire for outdoors with a poetic soul. Firefly is the first unexpected product by Landa, where the magic of the outdoor world is enriched by a design with a clear reference to nature.


Firefly is available in various heights. Not just an idea, but a veritable communication with surrounding nature is guaranteed by the installation versatility (bollard and suspension) which covers all possible applications for outdoor garden areas.



A 360° light beam, uniform and attractive, with an opal screen in PMMA reminds us of fireflies thanks also to the fact that the luminaire can be dimmed (available on request).Through the different colours given by the change in colour temperature with the RGBW technology (available on request), unique and exciting atmospheres can be created.

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