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X-Effects LED Projectors - RGBW
Dynamic Lighting Effects

The X-Effects LED and X-Effects LED HO RGBW Projectors are color-mixing fixtures that create dynamic lighting effects in wide range of indoor or outdoor applications. Effects are created by projecting colored light through the edges of two rotating pieces of Effects Glass that are mounted off-center of the optical path. This results in a projection with linear motion for creating reflected water, blowing fire, northern lights and other vivid, animated lighting effects.

Please note that the X-Effects LED Projectors do not ship with a lens. Choose from the available four lens accessories when ordering to achieve the beam spread your project requires.

Bright, Vibrant Lighting Effects
The X-Effects LED Projectors feature either 1,400 or 3,000 (HO) lumens of output of 45 and 90 watts (HO) of power. The X-Effects LED HO can maintain over 100 lumens at 65ft+ (20m+).

Designed For Use Indoors Or Outdoors
The X-Effects LED Projectors are IP65-rated for indoor or outdoor use, offering the versatility to create dynamic lighting effects anywhere they are required.

Four Available Lens Options
Whether you need to shine your effect on a building across the street or on a wall five feet away, the X-Effects LED Projectors have the proper lenses to meet every projection need.

Customizable Effects Engines
The X-Effects LED Projectors can achieve a variety of different lighting effects by changing gobos or adding color into either the Static Gobo/Filter position or into the two rotating Dynamic Effects Glass positions.

Quiet Operation
Lighting effects should be seen, not heard. The X-Effects LED Projectors are passively cooled enabling them to operate without noisy fans.

Manual & DMX Controls - RDM Compatible
The X-Effects LED Projectors feature on-board controls of the fixture’s output, as well as the speed and direction of both Effects Glass Gobos. The fixtures can also be controlled via DMX and are RDM compatible.