Anolis | XP56 Pendant


Ambiane™ XP56 Pendant & Pendant Remote

Specifically designed for areas that require general ambient light, with the added ability to create mood, the Ambiane XP Pendant is the ideal, stylish solution. This high-performance RGBW luminaire delivers in excess of 6.000 lm and is perfect for setting the mood via its super-smooth colour mixing abilities. Available in 20°, 30°, 45° or 60° beam spreads, Ambiane XP provides perfect coverage. The incorporation of our L3 dimming system allows seamless fades to black even when mixed with traditional sources. Negligible UV or IR emissions make it ideal for museums and art galleries. Ambiane XP Pendant has been designed for easy installation with local or remote power supply siting.

Key Features

•    High Efficiency >42 lm/W with intelligent power balancing. PAR56 replacement.
    Lumen Output & Light Source
    Max. 10,986 lm
    High Output LED module
    Projected Lumen Maintenance
    L90B10 >90.000 hrs, Ta = 25°C / 77°F
    Power Consumption
    Typ. 150W (48v DC supply)
    Physical (Dia. x H Beam Angle 20°,30°/45°/60°)
    202 x 400/375/346mm - 10.5/10.6/10.9 Kgs.
    9.1 x 15.8/14.8/13.6 in. - 23.2/23.4/24 lbs.
    Extruded aluminium / Steel

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