Van Ghentkazerne, Rotterdam (2018)

The Van Ghent millitary base in Rotterdam glows in the night.

Lumen Solutions has lately been involved with the helping of the restoration of the Van Ghent-base in Rotterdam, mainly by helping to assist the design a new mural.

In the summer of 2018, a meter-high and long mural has been unveiled on the grounds of the home base of the Rotterdam Marines. The artwork is part of a facelift that the Van Ghent-base, on the Toepad, will receive. "The empty, gray walls almost called for adornment," said the spokesman.

Lieutenant-Colonel of the Marines Jan Ten Hove commissioned the Rotterdam-based artist duo TelmoMiel to make an appropriate image. The painting shows the moment of the Marines when they have completed their training, taking off their field caps and being allowed to wear the Marine-Beret for the first time.

Lumen Solutions has been able to provide this wall painting with a beautiful even light-design, with 6-RGBW profile light fixtures, which can change color at special events if desired. The entire installation switches on and off through an auto-sunclock control. This light control automatically follows the rising & setting of the sun all year long.

On behalf of Lumen Solutions we have done our best to meet the demands and wishes of this project as well as possible, and we also hope that the naval base is satisfied with the achieved result.

In addition, we would like to thank the Van Ghent millitary base, Lieutenant Colonel of the Marines Jan Ten Hove & Rotterdam artist duo TelmoMiel for a great collaboration, and we wish them a lot of fun with this impressive work of art in the coming years.

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