Artwork Anodebol, Barendrecht (2018)

The roundabout in Barendrecht (Oude Trambaan / Kilweg) sees light

Lumen Solutions was able to participate in an art project in Barendrecht, in order to provide the roundabout with more color.

Anode Energie created the artwork “Anodebol” in collaboration with artist Saskia Laurent & the architects of USE Architects, on a roundabout in Barendrecht. The natural energy sources 'sun & wind' can be seen on the dynamic looking sails, for inspiration.
At night, the sails are illuminated with a warm light. The projected color represent the energy source that has generated the most energy that day (i.e. 'solar energy' will be represented with a golden yellow color).

This magnificent work of art can be  admired from December the 12th 2018, on the roundabout between the Oude Trambaan and the Kilweg in Barendrecht.

Lumen Solutions contributed to this project by supplying the required RGBW luminaires and the DMX components of this very beautiful concept.

On behalf of Lumen Solutions we have done our best to meet the demands and wishes of this project as well as possible, and we also hope that Anode Energie is satisfied with the achieved result.

In addition, we would like to thank Anode Energie, artist Saskia Laurent & the architects of USE Architects for a great collaboration, and we wish them a lot of fun with this stylish work of art in the coming years.

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