Westland Theater De Naald, Naaldwijk (2019)

WestlandTheater De Naald switches to LED.

Lumen Solutions, who were commissioned by WestlandTheater de Naald, was able to provide the transition from traditional Halogen lighting to modern LED fixtures.

After various tests with all kinds of fixtures and LED sources, the Anolis Ambianne RGBW built-in LED fixtures were finally chosen. With these fixtures the client is able to adjust the room light to any desired color, atmosphere or even a dynamic light scene. Each Ambianne is individually DMX-controllable through an internal DMX driver in the fixture itself.

By using separate B-station preset panels the client is able to activate  pre-programmed presets & scenes at different locations. In addition a Quadcore processor has been used, in which both the automatic start of a film projector & the correct lightintensity for the room are programmed under a single push of a button. The entire installation and programming has been taken care of by the technical department of the Westland Theater itself, and we think they should be proud of that.

We, on behalf of Lumen Solutions, have done our best to meet the demands and wishes of this project as well as possible, and we also hope that the Westland Theater is satisfied with the achieved result.

We also want to thank WestlandTheater de Naald for a pleasant cooperation, and we wish them much pleasure in the coming years with this new roomlight installation.

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