Our brands

Below is a list of the brands in our range

Anolis has been established in 2005 to design, manufacture and distribute a top-end range of LED products worldwide. ANOLIS is the architectural lighting division of ROBE lighting.
The range of LED lighting fixtures aimed at applications in architectural, retail, transport, leisure and entertainment markets.

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Artecta is a professional lighting brand with a progressive and contemporary lighting program.
The Artecta brand is a professional and established brand on the European lighting market. They offer a wide and versatile range of high quality lighting fixtures and accessories, suitable for design, retail and outdoor use.

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The DiGidot series are small and powerful LED controllers, that suit all kinds of situations. One device drives more than 6000 singles LED´s. Furthermore, it supports 30+ IC types and various industry standards. It’s all you need in LED and show control!

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Electron s.a.Electron s.a.
ELECTRON SA offers a complete set of architectural luminaires for outdoor and indoor use, specializing in LED technology. The LEDELEC LED range includes indoor and outdoor LED luminaires, decorative LEDs, LED modules, LED lamps, and so on. It offers excellent product quality with high technology and aesthetics that cover even the most demanding applications.

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For decades, ETC has been developing the right tools to meet the challenges of modern-day architectural lighting. Our four lines of architectural control feature reliable, well-supported and easy-to-maintain systems for any venue, from a single room to large museums, massive office complexes, convention centers and theme parks.

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Gantom Lighting & Controls, formerly Darklight, was founded in the Spring of 2010 as a manufacturer of special-effects lighting equipment catering to the themed attraction industry. They specialize in illumination of low-light and space-constrained environments where traditional luminaires aren’t suitable.

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HeraLed has professional products for all kinds of different concepts and working conditions in international standards for exterior lighting systems. The have more than 300 medium and large scale projects on this day. All of HeraLed products are produced to use in professional means, controlled by DMX 512 and RDM protocol in order control and communication with each other.

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Rosco offers products in more than a dozen categories, including Architectural LED Lighting, Colourfilters, Backdrops and Digital Imagery, Window Control, Image and Effect Projection Equipment, Staging Products, Projection Screens and Flooring products.

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Studio Due Light Studio Due Light
With over 30 years of innovation, design and manufacturing experience they have been creating state-of-the-art lighting solutions to support lighting designers, architects and lighting consultants in their challenges.

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Sundrax Sundrax
Sundrax Electronics is a leading brand in the development of innovative, sustainable software and hardware technologies for Street, Architectural and DMX Stage lighting control.

With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Sundrax are recognised as one of the most progressive companies in the industry; developing cutting edge tools to create lighting control systems that offer seamless integration and advanced intelligence.

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Founded in 1978 Teclumen started as a projector assembling company,
Teclumen today has a complete range of fixtures and equipment for architectural lighting, swimming pools, fountains and stage lighting.

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